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Jade East Aftershave, Colognes, and Moisturizing Solid Cologne Balm for Men & Women

Jade East Aftershave, Colognes, and Moisturizing Solid Cologne Balm for Men & Women

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Jade East Colognes & Aftershaves for Men & Women 

Available In:

Jade East Cologne Spray - 4oz

Jade East Aftershave - 4oz 

Jade East Cologne Splash- 4oz

Jade East Cologne Splash - 1oz (TSA Compliant 1oz Travel-Size)

NEW!!! Jade East Solid Cologne Moisturizing Balm - 1oz - an Alcohol-Free Moisturizing Balm made with Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E, and Coconut Oil to be Applied to Wrist Pulse Points, Neck, and/or as a Nourishing Beard Balm. A great addition to your Jade East regimen and perfect for traveling, your gym bag, or on the go.

Forever Jade Cologne Spray for Women- 2oz

    Since its introduction to the marketplace in the 1960’s, Jade East has remained a favorite fragrance among American men and has become a classic fragrance for today’s man.

    Jade East is Comprised of a Citrus Blend of Bergamot and Lemon Married with an Herbal Accord of Basil and Lavender with Traces of Anise and Orange Blossoms, Followed by Dry Middle Notes of Cedar and Floral Spicy Carnation. Oakmoss and Sandalwood with Touches of Musk and Vanilla Create a Lasting Finish.

    Regency Cosmetics Proudly Continues the Jade East Tradition Providing a Choice of Sizes for Both Colognes, Aftershave, the Newly Released Solid Cologne Moisturizing Balm, and Forever Jade for Women


    Proudly Manufactured in the USA by Regency Cosmetics

    Never Tested on Animals - Approved by Our Satisfied Loyal Customers

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